Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why Underground?

An excerpt from Friday's introduction:

Underground ecocriticism rejects any philosophy or model of ecology that disavows risk, failure, and living within the tenuous and sometimes bad feelings that circulate around us. Biodiversity involves both resilience and fragility, exposure and exchange, building upon others and allowing oneself to be built upon. Instead of assuming that being sunny and being ecological are the same thing, we can consider here together how things that are awkward, broken, dark, precarious, and gawky work as untimely agents. These ungainly agents are not accidental to daily life but are built into the fabric of reality.  We reject ecologies that promise ahead of time outcomes that will be risk-free visions of the good, the regenerative, the healthy, consilience. The terms of ecology – just like the terms of ontology – are not predicated in advance. They are open-ended and vulnerable, capable of being developed and destroyed.

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